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THE 3 biggest fat loss providers offer you contrasting methods to slimming down, but when it comes to promoting, They're identical in A method: all of them seek the services of superstar endorsers.

The current roster of popular pound-shedders features Jennifer Hudson for Body weight Watchers, Marie Osmond for Nutrisystem and Valerie Bertinelli for Jenny Craig.

Now A different weightloss organization, Medifast, is introducing an advertising and marketing campaign that eschews celebrities.

A whole new business opens on a lady named Kimberley Vandlen, who is overweight, standing inside a kitchen Talking to a woman whose back again is for the camera.

“You search beautiful, you do,” says Ms. Vandlen, choking back again tears. “You appear so gorgeous.”

Following textual content flashes around the monitor that says, “Kimberley discusses weightloss,” the camera shifts to deal with the opposite girl, and new textual content appears to the monitor: “With herself.”

That lady, it turns out, is additionally Ms. Vandlen, but almost fifty pounds lighter — and radiant. Voice quavering, the thinner Ms. Vandlen states, “This is all you.”

Her two variations, due to crafty editing, confront each other in the exact same body and surface to converse in true time.

Heavier Ms. Vandlen: “I in no way considered I could look like that. Thank you.”

Thinner Ms. Vandlen: “Thank you for seeking it.”

The business, which closes Using the tagline, “Turn into you,” is by Fix, an impartial advertising and marketing and branding agency in Minneapolis. It'll be released on television and on-line on Jan. one, in conjunction with spots that includes two other Medifast dieters — An additional female and a man — conversing with thinner variations of them selves.

Aimed principally at women aged 35 to sixty four, the commercials will run widely on networks which include AE, Lifetime and also the Foods Community. Print ads will surface in publications like Persons, Improved Homes Gardens and Cooking Light.


“We just experience like men and women don’t join just as much with famous people,” explained Brian Kagen, Main advertising and marketing officer of Medifast. “Mainly because they know that Probably the famous people also could have had a personal trainer or a personal chef, which ordinary people don’t have.”

Medifast, which declined to reveal the amount of it might shell out to the campaign, spent $25.5 million on tabletki odchudzaj─ůce odchudzanie marketing in the first nine months of 2012, behind Jenny Craig, with $39.five million; Weight Watchers, with $two hundred million; and Nutrisystem, with $208.four million, according Kantar Media, which happens to be owned by WPP.

The brand new campaign was established in movement in the fall of 2011, in the event the agency, with the assistance of the casting director who focuses on finding nonactors for commercials, started in search of people who planned to lose bodyweight.

(Ms. Vandlen has prior to now auditioned for commercials, but experienced never been Forged in a single, and her Medifast spots, like Some others within the marketing campaign, were being unscripted.)

In addition to compensation, the brand name provided absolutely free Medifast portion-controlled food solutions, that are integral to This system, along with the phone and on-line consultations with dietitians and nutritionists accessible to typical Medifast shoppers.

Four people today ended up selected, and had been very first filmed in advance of they commenced the Medifast eating plan at a private house in Studio City, Calif., in January 2012. All were being filmed speaking to a Medifast nutritionist, and have been directed to converse With all the nutritionist as should they were speaking with their foreseeable future, thinner selves.

Of the four subjects, the 3 that missing the most body weight have been known as again to the exact same dwelling in September. Suitable in advance of filming started, Each and every was for the first time demonstrated footage from the job interview recorded in January.

“They place the pc before me, and I reported, ‘I am able to’t believe that you’re going to do this,’ ” Ms. Vandlen claimed in a current interview, recalling viewing the footage of her prediet self.

“I broke down in tears,” she explained, “mainly because I recall ‘that’ girl, And that i keep in mind how poorly she was feeling and never attempting to get up in the couch or Perform with my daughter since my knees would ache or ankles would ache.”

When the cameras started rolling, she and the nutritionist swapped sites, which time the nutritionist fed Ms. Vandlen her have terms back again to her so that she was, efficiently, using a discussion together with her heavier self.

All the commercials have been shot and edited to depart no trace on the nutritionist, just the dieter at distinct weights.

“Some of it absolutely was really hard to view,” said John Colasanti, the Main executive of Fix, about becoming on the established. “To observe these men and women bare their souls, you felt like sort of a voyeur.”

Mr. Colasanti included that, whilst the fat loss was certainly evident during the commercials, the dieters have been selected primarily based on their own enthusiasm for trimming down for wellbeing and psychological factors further than Self-importance.

“To think about fat reduction as something which’s going to be additional to your lifetime as opposed to deducted from it had been sort of the germ of the idea,” Mr. Colasanti mentioned. “It isn’t Whatever you lose, it’s Everything you gain.”

Jay Jacobs, who missing 181 pounds competing over the eleventh time of “The Biggest Loser,” and who is likewise a handling lover of your Shurn Team, a wellness branding agency, reviewed The brand new Medifast commercials and was impressed.

“I believe they’re good mainly because they come to feel genuine,” Mr. Jacobs said. “They didn’t feel staged, they didn’t feel trite — they have been all extremely believable, Which’s what’s intending to make them resonate with people today.”

John LaRosa, research director of Marketdata Enterprises, a industry investigate company in Tampa, Fla., lauded Medifast for ignoring what he known as the “follow the chief” mentality of movie star promoting by weightloss corporations.

Mr. LaRosa reviewed the new campaign, which he termed clever.

“It’s likely to be a campaign that will get some discover and gains some traction,” Mr. LaRosa claimed of the new Medifast commercials. “And it Value them a hell of lots considerably less because they don’t have to shell out famous people a lot of dollars.”